Top Social media management tools for digital marketing

Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketing


Social media has become an effective platform in the recent times for the businesses to promote their products and services. Basically, social media is overwhelming for the people who are running a digital marketing agency or managing the social media accounts of the businesses. It is a strenuous task for the social media marketer to done many hats to manage the accounts of umpteen businesses. As part of managing the accounts, they need to create Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketing imagefresh content related to different business, schedule the time to share content, engage the clients on social media, repurpose content, and share them with the customers, manage community and much more. Undeniably, the task list is never ending.

The best way to manage social media accounts is to use powerful social media management tools.  Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketing helps the agencies to boost their efficiency and attain desired results. Few of the tools that are discussed in this article will help you to manage the social media accounts effectively and without you getting stressed. Each tool has its own set of features that are very unique to others. So, you need to compare two to three tools and use the one that best fits into your business needs.

Top 17 best and effective social media management tools that are creating waves in the social media world include :-

social media


hootsuiteHootsuite can be used by medium to large size organizations and is estimated to be used by 10 millions of professionals globally.  Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketingl helps you decide when to run the social media campaigns and track the performance quickly. Also, this tool has team tools which enable you to create team content and share on social networks at a time.

Agora Pulse

agora pulse


Agora Pulse is the tool that lets you to schedule when to post content on different social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under one umbrella. In addition, it generates performance reports for these three social networking sites. You can share content and promote about your business through this tool.

Social Oomph

socialoomphSocial Oomph allows you to schedule content on social networks including Facebook and Twitter on an automated basis. This tool is considered to be the most powerful social management tools in the market. You can also create welcome messages on Twitter using this tool. The premium options in this tool let you schedule, photos and post them on LinkedIn and Facebook




Everypost allows you to pick informative visual content, customize posts and share the content on Facebook, Tumblr, Goolge+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This tool is compatible to work with Android and IOS devices. You can use these devices to post the content on social networks.

bitly links shortens the URLs and let the businesses report the number of clicks they got in the shared post. This tool is perfect to share short posts like in Twitter and track the number of clicks you got for the shared post. This helps you to know how well your posts are bringing traffic to your website.

Sprout Social

sprout social

Sprout Social is a dedicated tool for the social media agencies. The agencies can use the premium version of this tool to manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Crowd Booster

crowd booster

Crowd Booster is an effective social media analytics tool that allows you to optimize the social media marketing decisions. You do not need to manually track the performance of your social media account instead you can use this tool to get automatic updates on a frequent basis. You can also customize the reports as per the client requirement. You can use the information in the reports to tweet in the best possible times.

Edgerank Checker

edgerank checker

Edgerank Checker is a tool developed by Social Bakers lets you to get the best ways to optimize Facebook Content. You can create the content that engages your social media users and improve newsfeed response quickly.



SocialBro is the marketing tool developed, especially for Twitter. This enables you to manage your tweet needs, including scheduling the content, generating reports, and creating campaigns on Twitter.



Tailwind lets you measure the marketing efforts of Pinterest. This tool is used as part of Pinterest marketing. This tool enables you to create different board pins, upload content in bulk and schedule calendar to post content on time. They notify you about the optimal times to send pins to engage the customers. In addition, this tool helps social media agencies to manage multiple Pinterest accounts with ease. This is a perfect tool for the agencies that are providing social media services.



Buffer schedules the social media posts that you would like to share with your target audience. You can use this tool to share posts on different social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.



Oktopost is a powerful and comprehensive social media management tool that is developed to generate leads through social networks. This is what the unique feature that is not with Hootsuite. Ideally, Hootsuite enables the business to schedule content, whereas Oktopost helps businesses to earn a hefty amount of money through social networks.



MeetEdgar repurpose your social media posts that let you reach a wider target audience down the line.



IFTT is an effective social media management tool that is quite simple and easy to use. All you need to select the recipe you would like to market on social networks and it does the rest for you.




Tweepi allows you to target the audience on Twitter and helps you stay connected with the potential customers on Twitter regularly.



Socedo is an effective and automated social media management tool is perfect to be used with Twitter and LinkedIn to find the potential leads from social network. After finding the leads, you can push them into the sales funnel and turn them into your potential customers.



Social Flow enables you to manage paid, owned, and earned social media ads under one roof.  Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketing lets you find the best posts, tweets that can be promoted again. You can also use keywords and segmentation option in this tool to analyze campaigns.


From the above 17 social media management tools, it is crucial for a business or a social media agency to choose the right tool that meets their business marketing requirements. Though, all the tools seem to have wonderful features, but your business may not need to tools with many bells and whistles. Top Social Media Management Tools for Digital Marketing important for you to pick the tool that optimize your current social media campaign.




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