🌟 Digital Marketing Awareness Session: Empower Your Digital Journey 🌟

Get ready to empower your digital marketing journey. In this session you can gain valuable insights on Digital Marketing. Understand the dynamic digital world of different online resources like Search Engine & Social Media. Upgrade your knowledge on scope of digital marketing and its importance in modern world.

🚀 What to Expect: During this engaging and informative session, you will get general awareness about Digital marketing, its scope, career oportunities.

You can understand various areas of Digital Marketing. You will know various platforms like search engines, social media, video and other content publishing plaftforms. The session include detailed discussion about various digital marketing strategies, various tools used in digital marketing activities. The session will easily teach you the complexities of digital markeing in a simple way. Even if a person with prior experience or awareness can easily understant about the different socil media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

You can simply understand about the fundamental digital marketing strategies, including Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and more. Understand how these tactics work together to create a powerful online presence.

The Cochin College, Kochi

Get a deep insight aboug the latest trends, various tools, and technologies, ensuring that you remain competitive in the digital landscape. Get a genral awareness about important tools like Google search console, Google analytics, Tag Manager etc.

In a Digital Marketing Awareness Session, you can cover a wide range of topics to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. The session will completely covering search engine optimization or SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Video Marketing & Affiliate Marketing. Here are some key areas you can consider covering:

Agenda of Digital Marketing Awareness Session at The Cochin College, Kochi


Welcome : by Bcom Department Head, The Cochin College, Kochi

Introduction : by Suneesh Sharma, Business Development Manager, SoftLoom IT Solutions, Kochi.



Brahmadas, Digital Marketing Department Head, SoftLoom IT Solutions, Kochi

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

Definition and importance of digital marketing. How digital marketing differs from traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Channels:

Overview of major digital marketing channels:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Website Essentials:

Website optimization for user experience. The role of responsive design. Importance of website speed and performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Basics of SEO and its importance.
On-page and off-page optimization techniques.
Keyword research and optimization.
Understanding search engine algorithms.
Content Marketing:

Creating high-quality, engaging content.
Content planning and strategy.
Content distribution and promotion.
Measuring content effectiveness.
Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms and their unique audiences.
Content creation and posting strategies.
Building and engaging with your social media community.
Social media advertising options.
Email Marketing:

Building and segmenting email lists.
Crafting effective email campaigns.
A/B testing and optimization.
Email marketing tools and best practices.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising:

Understanding PPC advertising.
Setting up and managing PPC campaigns.
Keyword targeting and bidding strategies.
Monitoring and optimizing PPC campaigns.
Analytics and Measurement:

Using tools like Google Analytics.
Tracking website traffic, conversions, and ROI.
Making data-driven decisions.
Digital Marketing Trends and Technologies:

Keeping up with industry trends.
Emerging technologies (AI, chatbots, voice search).
The impact of data privacy regulations.
Case Studies and Success Stories:

Real-world examples of businesses achieving success with digital marketing.
Learning from others’ experiences.
Interactive Q&A and Discussion:

Encourage participants to ask questions and engage in discussions throughout the session.
Networking Opportunities:

Provide time for participants to network and connect with others in the field.

Next Steps:

Guidance on how participants can further their digital marketing knowledge and skills. Information about additional resources and training opportunities. Remember to adapt the content and depth of coverage based on the level of expertise of your audience and the duration of the awareness session.