Pre-eminence of Mobile First Indexing

The work done to bring up the client site to the top most position in Google’s search engine results page is huge. And the effort taken for  the website to maintain and improve the position is also much. And when you think you have made the progress, you can see that Google changes its scenario. Google announces  the change in order to improve user experience and making search results more useful by making mobile first indexing. Google will look for the mobile version of the site to rank it on Google.That means, if a site is optimized for mobile, you’ll rank well on both mobile and desktop.



Even though a definite timeline has not be mentioned experts mentioned 2018 as the deployment year for mobile first indexing. So let us prepare for the upcoming update. Have a glance at the things to be done to prepare for mobile first indexing.

Prepare Mobile Optimized Content

We take our mobiles almost everywhere we travel. It had become a better partner for us since it is a cure for boredom. The content of a page plays a crucial role. Even the content of page is long but if it seems to be valuable, visitors will remain on the page and will read the content voraciously. Let us look at how to check whether the content is optimized for mobile:

  • If you share the interesting and useful article on facebook it will encourage the website activities.
  • Use high-quality content that will capture the reader’s attention and makes them willing to spend time on the websites.
  • Use forms of contents like GIF, infographics, images etc.
  • Always remember to include short headlines, since shorter headlines get users reading faster.



Responsive Design

One of the most important things to rank well on the mobile first indexing is to develop Responsive websites. Responsive websites changes based on the needs of the users and depending on the device they use. Responsive sites not only offers good browsing experience it also keeps your site usable. It will be always useful to test your site in terms of usability on different devices and also test in multiple browsers.




Rely on mobile optimized website Builder

Mobile optimized website builders make your site responsive to mobile, ie, it detects the device the user is using and adjusts the layout of the website to fit the size of the gadget being used. Responsive websites are not the only goal of mobile optimization. Speed is crucial in mobile, visitors prefer images coupled with split-second rendering time. Online sessions, customer conversions, lower bounce rate encourages a fast website. If you think that the website is not optimized for mobile, take that step today.

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