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Our world changed a lot and our technologies too. We are not in the era of technological beginning. We come so far and we found many products and services relating to internet and other technologies. The question arises here is why voice search is important for a website. The importance of Voice search optimization 2018 is really for your site, both in the desktop version and mobile version. Let’s have a glance at this topic.

1)    Some Popular Technology Providers And Voice Search

importance of voice search optimization 2018

We are familiar with many technology providers like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft etc. All these have virtual voice assistance and they are: Google has Google assistant, Apple has Siri, Cortana for Microsoft and Amazon has Alexa. All these virtual assistance became hit and useful for everyone. The Amazon Echo and Google home can set alarms, plays music and also it can control the smart devices in the home. We are still on the path of progressive development of such virtual assistance. Maybe in the coming years, we may have voice search and virtual assistance of new technologies with high qualities.

Many surveys reported that the usage of voice search optimization 2018 in mobile phones is increasing gradually. Virtual assistance will provide relevant search results according to users who speak to them. The traffic to the websites increased due to these voice assistance. Instead of typing what to search the users can directly tell the website or search engine what to search.

2)    Voice Search Optimization 2018 In Smart Phones voice search in smart phone

People all around the world are using smartphones. The increase in usage of mobile phones also increases the voice search in it.  As per Google’s latest update, all websites must be mobile friendly and this change will be complete in mid-2018. So there is no wonder in the increase of voice search. It is the fastest way to get the result via the internet.

How we do this

  • Google Search Console

Verify the mobile version of your site in search console by adding your website to it.

  • Test the pages

Check each landing page by using website auditor tools.

  • Do the audit thoroughly

Do a full audit of your mobile website.

  • Keep the resources Crawlable

CSS, JavaScript, videos etc. must be crawlable. That is the mobile site doesn’t block these.

  • Do not use Flashes

The mobile phones and desktops are not friendly with flashes. They don’t support flashes.

  • Load time optimization

Compress all the uncompressed images on your website. The image compression will improve the page speed and mobile UX.

3)    Keyword Researchkeyword research optimization

Voice search optimization 2018 deals with long tail keywords. The long tail keywords are less competitive and conversion can be done in a faster way. So by targeting such long tail keywords will increase the rank.

How we do this

  • Possible questions and content

In a voice search, the question words are highly in the queries. So click on suggest keywords button in keyword research given in the project and select common question research. Here enter your keywords and click on next button.

  • People also ask box

If you click on some queries a number of other queries related to it will arise here.

  • Q&A page

For the question words like who, what, when etc. the Q&A page can optimize it easily. Here depending on your content and user’s queries it will ask and answer the questions.

4)    Position Zero position zero optimization

It is the best way for better visibility. This is a box with that gives best and quick information in response to customer’s queries and the box contain the link to the source.

How we do this

  • Engagement Metrics

To consider your website’s content for a featured snippet the site must be a good one. Google consider these good sites. You can use Google analytics to check it. If the engagement factors are lower than average then that page needs improvement.

  • Snippable Content

To make a snippable content start with most important information and question words like what, where, when etc. according to it. You can add visual supports, examples and other general information too.

  • Format optimization

You can format the targeting page according to the main featured snippet and they are paragraphs, tables, and lists.

  • Re-indexing

If you did any changes to the webpage you must crawl them again by using Google search console. The page will get the featured snippet after re-indexing.

5)    Local Business importance of voice search optimization 2018 in local business

Voice search optimization  2018 is using mobile phones are increasing day by day. All these phones have GPS and most of the people voice search for something that is near to them. And they will go that place and do purchase or visit.

How we do it

  • Google My Business Page

If you want local pack listing you should set up Google my business account. Give proper address, working time and other details like your business details, images etc.

  • Positive Reviews

The positive reviews are always important. The new customers will check the review to know about the business and product quality. So try to get some positive reviews.

  • Schema Markup

It is a semantic vocabulary of tags or microdata. It will improve local rank for the non-branded keyword.

  • Adwords Campaigns

Run an Adwords campaign for your local business. The visibility can be increased by Adwords location extension and Google map local search ads.

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