Structured data and its impact on SEO

Structured data made a role in SEO. Google handles thousands of searches in a second. Millions of searches in a minute, then what about an hour? So, in such a situation, how can you assure the ranking of your website in a good position? Let us explore something about structured data. That might help you to stand out your website much more than others in front of search engines. So, let’s have a look at the impact of Structured data in SEO.

What is structured Data?

Structured data are clues of actual content in a webpage. The website managers hardly work to make understand things to Google bolts, but this is not that much easy as human do.  So, introduce structured data for better understanding the content of a webpage by Google bolts. And gather this information altogether to display for the user as relevant search results. consider the example of a cooking recipe. Its structured data shows the result as a step-by-step description of the cooking method and also the quantity of ingredients too. This will help people to find the result easier, and more convincing way of getting the search result for them. In short, structured data enhance your webpage content and show a screen short of its in front of the user when they search for something.

Obliviously, the user clicks on the link which describes more details in a single query. And here how structured data is beneficial for you.

How to use?

Structured data uses HTML codes. So, some knowledge is needed to manipulate it and enabling this feature. There also, exist tolls that help you to enable this structured data setup. But there are no shortcuts to enable the rich snippets. You have to work on your own website to enable this feature. Please note something, all the time your displayed results will be not depended on rich snippets, but it changes from time to time.

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