Ideas on content marketing

Content marketers will have a new good year. Exactly their job is to earn attention. According to the Content Marketing Institute: Content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship by providing quality content. Content marketing needs to exactly show that you care for your customers. Ideas on Content Marketing tells us that the foundation of content marketing lies on quality content and storytelling. Major categories to put to the Ideas on Content Marketing are online, offline and hybrids.

What Ideas on Content Marketing teaches?

Ideas on Content marketing is now becoming popular and adopted as an indispensable part of marketing strategy.

Content Mapping based on the customer’s journey.

It is the act of understanding the audience so that you can create content for each stage of your journey that makes you buy the product. Before purchasing a product people will discover your website, think about it, spend a few months thinking, see a retargeting ad, then buy.

Content Marketing sales funnel

Content marketing builds brand awareness, engagement, evangelism. But it is hard to measure conversion, revenue, and ROI. The effectiveness of content marketing is difficult to measure. We don’t know what made the person to buy the product. It may be because of the ad they saw or because of the article they read a week before. Still, if we know our customers, more effective our content marketing strategy will end up being.

Best way to do this is by creating a customer avatar.

  • Set goals and values
  • Find out the sources of information
  • Find out the challenges and pain points.
  • Objections and role in purchase process.

Basic stages that are required for content marketing:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Awareness is the very first stage of a buyer’s journey. They won’t be ready to buy a product or opt-in t your email list because of the content you’ve created. If people don’t know you and your product, how they can purchase from you? People must first learn about your business. For that content marketing is the best ally.

Social Media A Great Channel For Content Promotion

Social media content is another great way to build awareness. Most people on social media look for entertainment. Offer entertainment and people will appreciate the business and will buy from you.

Make sure and prove your audience that you care about them. Once they get the feeling that you genuinely care about them then they will listen to your discounts, deals, offers.

Use same brand awareness tactics during consideration phase. In the stage pay attention to newsletter sign-ups, a number of returning visitors, form submission, resource downloads. e-books, newsletters does a remarkable job of building trust during the consideration phase.

Now people are aware of you and they know that you have considered so now the person is going to become a customer or fall into obscurity. Convince people and make them believe that your business offers the best solution for you. Also, there is a need for CTAs to try and push people toward the buying line. CTAs are perfect if people are ready to buy. You can also include a long tail, high commitment keywords to compel CTAs within that content. Also, consider offering a discount, free trial, special offer.

Forms of Content Marketing

Social media

One of the most powerful types of content marketing in the Digital World is social media. Entertain the audience before expecting people to buy it. People will buy from businesses that they connect with.

Also, make use of live video because it helps you to communicate with your audience over video in real time. Video content marketing is powerful and provides great engagement. If you wish to build a strong relationship with the audience, run weekly live videos.

Paid advertising

Content marketing is an inbound marketing tactic. If you are a new business with a small audience then you need to give audience growth by running advertisements with remarkable content.

Extra tips and tricks

Your Ideas on Content Marketing and its efforts will have a better chance of success with an organized content schedule, analytics, regular A/B testing.

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