How to gain more traffic from youtube

We all know about YouTube. People use Youtube to promote their product or services and as many other social media platforms, YouTube will help you to gain a huge Traffic From YouTube to your website. Sometimes people say they are not getting enough traffic from Youtube. Maybe you have heard such complaints. In order to use Youtube successfully for your promotional activities, you should follow some rules. The tips to get more traffic to the website is given below.

⦁ Interesting Profile
First, create an interesting profile on Youtube for video promotions. Your profile must be eye-catching one and don’t let it be soo formal. Make it a little bit informal and attractive. If the viewers like the video you have posted they will visit your profile. No one needs too formal profiles so keep this in mind and make a striking profile.

Viral Videos = more popularity
Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube per day. If you share normal or less interesting videos, the possibility of watching and sharing it by others will be very low. Because everyone’s eyes are on viral videos. People love to watch and share viral videos. This will increase the popularity of the owner who shared it. So if you post something very interesting one then this video will get huge visibility and then gradually traffic to your website will increase.

⦁ Don’t forget to add this
Don’t forget to add your website address and logo in each video you publish. Those who watch the video will remember your website and logo. This branding weapon will give lots of exposure and you can gain more traffic.

⦁ Never compromise on quality
The quality of videos is very important. If your video doesn’t have any quality then no one watches it fully. So give importance to quality.

⦁ Search friendly videos
Viewers find your videos either by searching the relevant keywords in search engines or in the youtube search box. So you must make your videos search friendly to appear for relevant keywords. To do this you should include your major keywords in the description and title of your video and also add tags.

⦁ Video Promotions
Sometimes you may not get the expected traffic. In this situation, you can try video promotions. If you promote your video you can gain more traffic from Youtube.

Keep it short and interesting
Long videos are like long written paragraphs and people will get easily bored. So make it short without compromising the quality. Three to five minutes will be best.

Post regularly
Long gaps between video posting is not a good idea. So try to post regularly.

Comment on other people’s video with your youtube channel’s link
You can give good comments on other people’s video and provide your youtube channel’s link or any specific video link. If the viewers like your comment then they will have a tendency to visit your channel or video. But make sure that the link you give with your comment is relevant to that person’s video.

⦁ Give Responses
Viewers will give comments to your video and try to give them a proper reply. This will increase the interaction between you and the viewers and the viewers will revisit your youtube channel to check other videos or new videos uploaded or not.

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