The Google Adwords helps lots of business to gain more customers. But whether How Google Adwords Affect Organic Search Results? In this blog post, we are discovering the effect of Google AdWords or PPC in organic search results.

Paid Ads Never Affect Organic Search Results Directly

There are several conspiracy theories regarding this was spreading here. Some might said that there is an increase in organic search when using paid search. But actually the paid ads are controlled by a group of people and organic search results are controlled by some others. There is a wall in between these 2 parties.

How Google Adwords Effect Organic Search Results

But there are some things where Google can’t control. By this post, we will give a proper answer to your queries regarding this topic.

A searcher may click on the organic listing rather than the Ad

In the Google search results, there is a combination of paid ads and organic search results. So there is a chance that people either click on the ad or in the organic search results. This is a condition of probability and hence we can’t derive a conclusion.

Once a person goes to the site/ brand using the Ad likely to visit that site through organic listing

If a person went to a website or a brand via paid ads and after a few days if they see that brand in the organic listing they may go to the organic content. This is because they yield a trust value in the first ad experience and later they remember the brand name.

Paid results impact the organic results in certain queries

We have seen paid results and organic results in Google search engine. Some queries may have no paid results. And the paid results may have a landing page for a particular product or service. But if a person needs to do a research on a particular thing, for an example if a person needs to know about the room lights need to be used in a dining room he will surely go to the organic results. He needs to do some research and will finalize the product or brand. Here we may have bids on higher rates but the star of the day will be organic results!

How Google Adwords Effect Organic Search Results

Paid Ads may enhance more mentions or shares which increase the organic ranking

If the person gets into a website through a paid ad and he might think that this information must be shared on some social media there the website gets good links and mentions which eventually increases the organic ranking. If there is a good content surely there are chances of more mentions.

Bidding on search queries may increase the competition and change the searcher demands

In the paid ads we were bidding some amount on particular keywords or search queries. The bid amount changes according to the competition. Once you enter into a paid advertisement section were there was no competition earlier, you are inviting someone to compete with you. And later there will be a change in searcher demands and more competitors will come to this field.

There is a small example of this trend. Earlier the online shopping was not much popular we merely know only one or two shopping sites. But when a company started adding paid advertisements other online shopping sites are also started doing the same. And now some products have their own shopping carts too. This is the change that happens when paid ads are introduced.

Summary of How Google Adwords Affect Organic Search Results

The search results v/s paid ads is an interesting topic to discuss. The above points summarize the overall impact of How Google Adwords affect Organic Search Results. Plan your PPC Campaigns according to your needs and get a good traffic too!!

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