10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an SEO Firm

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an SEO Firm, It is challenging for a business to follow the best practice of SEO. Google keeps on changing the algorithm many a times in a year. The changes are made by Google without any notice. It is the job of SEO to find the latest algorithm changes and accordingly tweak the marketing strategy.

Hiring a reliable SEO firm is an ideal option for the business to stay on top of the SEO game from their rivals. The role of a business is to find the right SEO firm. Few of the questions that are to be probed to SEO firm prior to hiring them include. 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an SEO Firm are bellow


1. What are the SEO services offered?

SEO handles a lot of tasks on the website. You should have an explicit understand of what the firm is providing and what tasks you want the firm to do for you. It is imperative for you to know the tasks that are handled by the firm, such as technical SEO, off page and on-page tasks. In addition, SEO, PPC and content marketing are intertwined; you need to look for the firm who can help you to do all these tasks for you.

2. Do you have any case studies that showcase your skill set?

All the SEO firms will have case studies of how they found a solution for the marketing problem of a company and a slew of testimonies of the happy customers leaving their experience of working with the company to implement a strong marketing strategy. This helps you to know how the company helped the businesses to improve their ranking and conversion rate. In addition, the clients would be able to express their happiness on how the site is performing about hiring the company and in how many days they saw the evident results. If the company is not able to present themselves properly in case studies and are confused, then there would be a serious due diligence issue.

3. How you will improve the traffic of the website

This is the question that should be asked without a miss, since there are a few ways embraced by SEO firms that would show you temporary results, but they would not last longer. These firms will entice the customers giving false promises of improving the site ranking in a few days. You need to be ware of them. You should know whether or not the SEO firm is following Google best practices to avoid getting slammed with heavy penalties. The reliable firm would provide the action plan on improving the site traffic and sales.

4. What are list of SEO tools you use?

There are different types of SEO tools used by the firms including, keyword research, site crawlers, Analytics and reporting tools. Ensure to have sound knowledge on those tools, since there are a few tools such as forum scrapers and link building tools are used as part of black hat SEO. However, these tools can also used for white hat techniques to some extent.

5. What about link building

Link building is a vast subject and there are a major changes noticed in optimizing the site by meeting the ranking factors. Basically, backlinks from suspicious and poor quality sites will take a toll on the ranking of the site. The firm should get backlinks only from the industry related sites and government sites. If the firm you would like to hire is providing link building services, you should know from which sites they link to your site. It is crucial for the business to get links only from authority sites to improve site ranking.

6. How often you send the work report

There are many KPI to showcase how the site is performing before and after implementing your strategies to the client. You should know how often the SEO firm will send you the metrics. There is nothing wrong for the businesses to ask the SEO firms to send the metrics every week, since this way they can analyze how the business is gaining foothold in the search engine world.

7. How to track the changes made to our website

After hiring an SEO firm, you should give authorized access to your website to carry out on-page and off-page optimization of the site. It is important for you to hire the company that is trustworthy and that prepare a list of changes that have made on your site. They should record the changes to allow you track the changes you made on the site, if something goes wrong or the firm is not responsive.

8. What is the outcome of availing your services?

The firm should give a convincing and confident answer that compels you to hire them immediately. There are a few companies who directly tell you that your site would rank on the first page for a particular keyword. The firm should not make blanket statements, since no one is aware of when the Google algorithms will changes and how ranking factors will impact on the site. The firm should not give any assurance for SEO. If they are showing you the moon, then you should ignore hiring them.

9. What is the payment structure?

You should know how the firm is going to charge you, i.e. on every project or per hour or monthly basis. The firm will give you a clear SEO plan and you can ask the estimated cost for the entire project. Everyone with superficial knowledge calls themselves as SEO consultants. If you find a firm that is charging lower compared to the other firms, then it is a red flag.

10. Can you show the ROI I gain for my investment?

As per the studies conducted by major online marketing firms, it was found that it is quite cumbersome to predict the ROI. Based on the marketing budget, the ROI depends. You cannot put a question mark on the face when a client asks this question. If you track the progress of the site after implementing the SEO strategy, you would be able to give exact figure of how much money is spent and how much can be earned in return.


Top 10 questions

This are the 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an SEO Firm.

If you have any more questions to probe an SEO firm, you can go ahead doing it. Share your valuable suggestions in the comment box.


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