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The concept of  Google Remarketing helps to add more customers for our brand or product. The remarketing is done with the help of Google. Remarketing continuously shows the ads of products that we searched in some shopping sites or through mobile apps. This will constantly make us remember us to purchase the product.

Even though people left the website without purchasing products, through remarketing we will reconnect them with more relevant products. This is a convenient way of online advertising. We will target our audience with their past search experience. This will increase the rate of goal conversion and at the same time increase the return on investment too.

How is Google Remarketing done?

If you are using Google Adwords service then you just need to add a piece of remarketing code (tag or pixel) in your website. The browser cookies of the visitor will save this and whenever they visit other partner sites in Google display network the person will get these ads. If you target your audience according to a narrow concept that will reduce the cost and increase the goal conversion rates.remarketing

Ways Of Google Remarketing


Standard Remarketing

Shows adverts for the past visitors of your website when they visit apps or other websites in Display network.

Dynamic Remarketing

This Is another level of remarketing. In this people will see products or services that they looked on your website or app.

Remarketing lists for search ads

This will provide ads according to the website visit when the person does follow up searches in Google. Even though they left the website they will see your product again.

Video Remarketing

The person will get adverts if the watch or interact with your videos in youtube or interact with the youtube channel. They will get adverts if they browse for more videos in display network or other apps.

Customer list Remarketing

The ads are shown to people who log in with the details given to our website. They will get ads in all Google products.

Advantages Of Google Remarketing

  • Increases the goal conversion rates.
  • Increase the return on investment.
  • Increases the brand awareness.
  • Access your targeted customers easily. They can easily buy the product.
  • The remarketing campaigns are created according to the focusing list.
  • You will have a big audience reach.
  • Easy to create ads for remarketing.
  • Easy to identify the statistics of your advertisement.

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