What is the importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages ?

the most important benefits of accelerated mobile pages

The most important benefits of accelerated mobile pages AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages way to create web pages for users.  it is a project designed as an open standard it used by any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. When implemented it allows websites to load almost instantaneously on smartphones, tablets and, yes, even desktops

Working of AMP

Instead of waiting for a page to load, AMP allows sites to load instantly after clicking. How does that happen though? Essentially, AMP simplifies the site into core elements:

  • AMP HTML – An AMP page updates the current HTML into a simpler one that includes AMP-related commands
  • AMP JS – a new JavaScript structure specifically for mobile that loads external resources asynchronously
  • AMP CDN (Content Delivery Network) – This caches repeated elements from pages (navigation bar, layout, etc.) in your browser for fast delivery

How can AMP improve the most important benefits of accelerated mobile pages

As the competition on the internet is really high, you have to make sure that whether you can manage your SEO and retain customers. AMP itself is not a ranking factor on Google but it can improve your SERP through a few ways :

Speed of the Page

the most important benefits of accelerated mobile suggests that every second a visitor waits for your page to load. Around 53 percent of people will leave your page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. if AMP itself is not a ranking factor on Google,they announce from July 2018, they would use mobile page speed as a ranking in mobile search results.

User Experience

A faster page makes it much easier for people to browse your site without having to fumble through complicated navigation windows. You need to work hard to create engaging and useful content and do the following

  • Create engaging and actionable headlines
  • Include compelling and original hero image
  • Ensure that your first 100 words or meta description get the readers to click.

Better engagement

It might seem that a stripped down site would actually have higher engagement, but it actually provides you with more opportunities. There are less distractions and since everything loads quickly, people are more likely to interact with the features you do offer including forms, buttons, videos and so on.


There’s always a competitive aspect is present in every business. If you notice that all of your competitors are using AMP and you’re not, then you’re definitely missing out on a lot of potential customers.Adopting AMP protocols before your competitor can make your customers look at your sites.

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