Impact of Page Speed Optimization in your Website SEO performance

Page Speed Optimization has been always a crucial part of your website performance. But, most of us are mainly focused on optimization and content management. Anyway, it is a complex subject and something more technical. Accelerate your website and improve your traffic. The absolute critical principle in maximizing website performance is to focus on page speed optimization from the ground up.optimisation of website speed

Page speed decides certain factors of your website performance. They are:

  • How fast a visitor reaches your website
  • How long a visitor stays on your site.
  • How many of them convert as a paying customer?
  • Where you rank in the organic Search

Unfortunately, many of the websites are poor when it comes to page speed. And gradually decrease their revenue. As a digital marketer, we have many things to get engaged every day. And no enough time available to do all those things. So always something gets pushed back to the wall.

One of the things that usually seem to get pushed back most common is page speed optimization. Nobody ready to spend a few times to improve the technical details of their website. If you are not like that, and you have a serious problem with your website’s page speed then let us explore more about this.

Find a budget Web Hosting for Page

web hosting for pages.

When you are star doing your SEO, there are some tools that are inevitable for you. like SEMrush, Moz, etc. There is no compromise for such things. But what about your website hosting. Mostly, it becomes a cheaper web host that is likely without sufficient room for your website. Of course, it diminished your performance. It is sure that your website will be available at any browser. But the website will load so bloody slowly. So that your visitors leave the site frustrated without ever converting into buyers.

The Difference in your Conversion

Increasing conversion rate of website

People want to stay on your website for some purpose. May be for buying a product or anything else. If you make them lag, they tend to leave your site and move on to others. According to a study conducted by Amazon people are patient to wait for a 100 ms of a minute. And it is enough to reduce your sale by 1%. It doesn’t stop here, because of how quickly or slowly your website loads it also impact on your organic search ranking and pay-per-click costs. If your competitors are caring at these measures then they are eagerly waiting to eat your food.

Reduce HTTP calls

reducing the http calls for page speed optimization

For every request by user need to render a webpage from the server. So, more request results in more Http request processing and leads to more time-consuming. The more request will made, then slower the page load. But most of them truly believe that they were not put too many garbage into their website. But the as truth reveals that somehow it has many. This is happening even without your knowledge. The majority of the website designers, regardless of skill or experience are not able to identify these problems.

Mostly, the peoples load the JavaScript, JSS, or jQuery from some other external servers it took too much time to communicate between these servers. It tends to be more complicated if you try to add CSS or JavaScript through a plugin. These files are enough o create a lot of Http requests. So, what you have to do? let us check;

  • Merge your JavaScript files into one.
  • Merge CSS files
  • Reduce plugins that load their own JavaScript and CSS data,
  • Make use of CSS sprites for frequently used images.
  • Enable Compression

Enabling G-zip compression can significantly reduce the multiple fetches of the CSS and JavaScript files. Because they are downloaded as much as smaller files.

Enable Browser Caching

Enable browser caching-page speed optimization

Through enabling browser caching the files are downloaded locally at user’s browser for some time. This will avoid the fetching time from the server as a result of an HTTP request.

Minify resources from Page

Minify the resources increase Page Speed

Minifying CSS and JavaScript remove unnecessary space and comments to reduce the size. As a result, automatically reduce the time it takes to download.

Need of Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is a measurement of how fast the content on your page loads. You can evaluate a page speed using Google PageSpeed Insights. Page speed is important because pages which take long time to load tends to higher bounce rate and it causes lower average of users. Long time to load a page can result in bad impression about a page.

Website performance subsequently impacts on search engine rankings. Engineers at Google have discovered that the barely perceptible page load time 0.4 seconds is long enough to cause users to search less. So, Page speed is an important aspect for every pages.

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