Tips to Develop SEO friendly home page

How to Develop SEO Friendly Home Page

It is not a piece of cake for the SEO experts to create an SEO friendly home page, since it needs a lot of systematic approach. Tips that one who is designing the SEO friendly home page has to be keep in mind to make the home page search engine friendly.In this post How to Develop SEO Friendly Home Page, It helps you to design a SEO friendly home page with simplicity.

Research industry keyword

keyword research

When you are designing a home page that is SEO friendly, you first need to research for the target keywords of the page. You need to use an effective word tracker. Though, there are many keyword research tools, but many SEO experts will use word track to find the keywords that are often searched by the audience while searching for the business similar to yours. The keywords acquired from this tool can be embedded on the home page. The two things to remember while searching for keywords is, one is to do competitive search and the other is misspelling search.

Place keywords at the right places



It is time-consuming for the people to pick the right keywords for their business. On top of it, it is even more daunting for you to find the right place to position the keywords in the home page content.

Place keywords in the URL

keywords in URL

Including target keywords for the page in the URL is crucial. If you have two to three keywords that are targeted for the page, then you need to include all of them by separating each with hyphen.

You need to completely focus on the areas that are crawled by the search engines including heading, header of the page and footer area. Also, you need to incorporate keywords in the anchor text, Meta tags, Title and domain name.
The keywords that are targeted for the page are used to create content for the entire web page. Search engine will look for the topics to show as results in the search pages when a user searches with the keyword similar to the one you have embed in the content. It is crucial for you to place the keywords closely while ensuring to keep the sentence unaffected. You need to give priority to keyword density. The keyword density will be totally relied on your text.

Include Meta and title tags

meta title tags

Many search engines will rank the websites based on the keywords embedded in the Meta keywords, Meta description and Title tags. You need to place the keyword in the title tag to make sure that the search engine identifies the crux of the content in the page. You need to write the Meta description is relevant to the content of your page by embedding keyword. The searchers will read the Meta description and decide whether or not to click on the link. You should never ignore to include the Meta keywords of the page, since this lets the search engine robots to rank your website better.

Keep your content updated

content update

You need to update the content of your website on a regular basis to let the search engine spider to crawl on the web pages regularly. Moreover, the site that is generating fresh content will let users to land on the page to improve their knowledge.

Provide enough content

enough content

You should not leave the page posting just 100 words of information instead should publish at least 200 to 250 words on the page.

Use images sparingly

images sparingly
You need to add images and logo on the website. In addition, the images you add should be kept intact with the text on the web page. You need to give a close attention to the size of the images on the web page.

Avoid using frames as much as possible

You should avoid using the frames. Though, they split the content in the web page and reduce the download time, but it does not let the user to navigate through your web pages smoothly, thus preventing the search engine crawlers to access all the web pages on the website.

Build incoming or back links

incoming backlings

The web page ranking can be increased based on the number of quality back links you acquire for your website. It is challenging for webmasters to fake the links. If you have quality back links from the industry related sites and government sites, then the ranking of your website will increase rapidly.

Also, you need to promote about your website in relevant directories and portals to build quality back links. Also, you need to write guest post, blog post, testimonials and publish them on different sites with a link to your website. In addition, you can submit a guest post in other websites with a link to your site. You need to make sure that you are submitted the links in the sites that are not your competitive sites. You need to get back links to your sites from the pages that are closely related to your business.

One thing that every SEO expert has to keep in mind that Search engines will rank the websites that has good stuff to be offered to the website visitors. If your linking structure is reliable and informative, then the site engine ranking of your page will be improved. Also, you can get a sea of traffic from these sites to your website every day.

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