The web pages of every website are examined by the bots of different search engines. The bots pay more attention to some spots on the website. So we should place our targeted keywords in such places but the problem is how to add Focus Keyword on your post. Have you heard the proverb ‘Too much of anything is good for nothing?’ Yes, you do. What I’m trying to say is do not stuff too many keywords in your web pages. Google can understand such things and you may get punished. Below are different ways on how to add Focus keyword on your post.

How to add focus keyword on your post


Keyword in the title

The title is the most attractive section of a page. So never forget to add your keyword in the title. This will help your website to rank well for a targeted keyword.

Keyword in header tags

Head tags play an important role to improve your rank of the website. H1 tag is the main heading of a page. This tag tells about the page. That is what is this page about. So use your keyword in the H1 tag in a meaningful way. H2 to H6 tags are optional tags.

Keyword in Meta description

Meta description shows a small summary about the page. This is the portion that shows in the snippet with SEO title. You can add your focusing keyword in the meta description.

Include keywords according to the length of the content

Must add keywords according to the content size. Do not add more keywords than the normal limit. Google doesn’t support keyword stuffing.

Keyword in Permalink

Always add the keyword in the permalink. It increases the chance of listing in the top of search results.

Keywords in the first and last sentence

In the search engine perspective, the first and last paragraphs have more weightage. So it is a natural way to boost your website rank.

Keyword in Alt tag

Images can attract many people. We can give alt text to all images we use. So give keyword as the alt text. This will help to get more traffic from image search engines.

Above are the ways on How to add Focus Keyword on your Post. If you do not have the time to optimise your website you can always contact us.

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