What are Featured Snippets?

A Featured Snippets is a summary of a result or answer of the user’s search which displayed by the basis of google search results. The aim or target of Featured Snippet is to answer the user’s search in the right or most friendly way and it is displayed on top of the google result.

Feature Snippets

Types of Featured Snippets

  • Paragraph Snippets
  • List Snippets
    1. Bullet Snippets
    2. Numerical snippets
  • Table Snippets
  • Video Snippets
  • Accordion Snippets

Paragraph snippets and list snippets are the most common. Above 50% of featured snippets are paragraph snippets, 38% are list snippets. Nine percent of featured snippets are table snippets, and each two percentage are video snippets and accordion.

Paragraph Snippets

Paragraph and list snippets are the most common and it provides searchers or users with a direct answer to their question or query.

Generally, they’re displayed alongside an image chosen from another source. Paragraph snippet help increase you Click Through Right (CTR) because if answering the query is immediate, users will see the snippet of the answer to the question you gave and click on the rest of the answer.

paragraph featured snippets

According to the stat, you’ll get paragraph snippets for keywords including terms such as:

  • Who is…
  • What is…
  • How to do…
  • How to get…
  • Why is…

List Snippets

Paragraph snippet is most common and after paragraph snippet most List Snippet is common. The list can come as Bullets and numerical types. The most we have seen bullets.

list snippet

Numerical Snippets

The numerical snippet is to explain something in steps like Recipes for example steps to create a cake and you can get the most wanted result. The search result is displayed next to google search.

  • Ranked
  • Steps of…

Bullet Snippets

The bullet snippet is to explain some points like a list of states in India and you can most available result, it is displayed next to your search result.

You’ll see bulleted list snippets for:

  • List of…
  • Unranked
  • Points of

According to the stat, you’ll get List snippets for keywords including term such as:

  • Steps to create…
  • List of…
  • How to create…
  • Recipes

Video Snippets

Video Snippet also knew as Video Rich Snippet. It means that Someone search in a video related query in google search and you can get a most usable video as a result next to your search.

Video featured snippet

Question or term be like:

  • How to make…
  • Why it use…

Table Snippets

Table Snippet is most popular. In the featured snippet, there making up two percentages of all snippets. 

  • Lists
  • Pricing
  • Rates
  • Data
table snippet

Accordion Snippets

The accordion snippet contains a list of preferred questions related to their search query. 

accordion snippet

How to Earn a Featured Snippet?

Does every website want to appear in the most desired portion of Google’s results page Position 0? How to get Featured Snippet here are some tips to know about how to rank for featured snippets. 

win featured snippet

You want to rank in position 0 Here we have explained some tips

 1. You can’t Create a featured snippet

According to the stat that nearly 30 percent of google search contains featured snippet or position 0. You can’t create a featured snippet. The featured snippet is a non-creatable one. Google creates featured snippets at their own google’s discretion. 

2. Use Tools

Moreover the best method to get featured snippets is to first use a tool such as

  • SEMrush
  • Moz Pro
  • Ahrefs Site Explorer

Using these 3 tools, you can see pieces of information on your website and where your website ranks for search queries and based on those current rankings you can see which queries of your site currently show featured snippets and in what format.

3. Ranking

If your page rank is not at position 1, you are mostly not considered to be in the featured snippet. According to the study, 99 percent of all featured snippets’ sites ranked in the top 10.  SEO Services performs well on the site, it will generate a good result.

4. Search and Capture

With the help of Seo tools, you can find a keyword for the featured snippet and capture the opportunity.

What is the current website performance? Does it answer the user’s question appropriately? What could be developed to give a better experience for users searching for that topic? Make your content in a way that will present a better answer for the users.

5. Grammatical Errors

If you have a grammatical error in the Heading or Description of your website, it could trigger the removal of your site from the Featured snippet.

6. Format of Snippet

The format of the featured snippet should be the same as the existing one. So the current featured snippet will appear as a numerical list format make sure the answer format is the same as the numerical list.

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