Blog Graphics Design Tools and Functions

The blog graphics design is an important element in the blog and writing awesome content for the blog is essential to earning readers trust and attention. Blog graphics designs are guides for your readers to enhance their overall experience and reader’s decision than customer ratings, reviews and product descriptions.

Blog Graphics Design

Studies reveal that 60% of us are visual learners and only 40% of blogs use visual content. Thus designs can guide your reader’s decision than customer ratings, reviews etc. If your visuals are better then you will get more social shares. As you get more shares you will get more traffic. Once you get more traffic, you get more opportunities to convert your readers to the subscribers of your brand.

1. Keep in mind the Audience and the purpose

When you start a design it is easy to get caught in colour, layout, typography etc. But at first, begin by focusing on the audience and what you want them to learn. Do a deep research. What are the other people in your industry doing visually? In Blog Graphics Design, we target our audience; There are times when you may have a wide variety of people in your audience. Keep in mind, demographic information is only useful to a certain extent. You still need to figure out what your audience likes and what they feel.

2. Good Graphics design starts with a Good Idea

Good Graphics design comes with innovative ideas. Before starting the design, make sure about the blog topic, conduct a deep research and create an outline. It is very important to have an idea before the designing. First, find a great idea and design can take this idea to a next level. In Blog Graphics Design, it is an important element in the blog and writing awesome content for the blog is essential to earning readers trust.

3. The good design draws attention to the content

Readers usually get drawn to your blog because they love content. So don’t distract them with the design and highlight your work. We may be researching, editing and refining the content before publishing it.

Keep the design simple to draw attention to the content. Opt the layout in which the line length is short and contains straightforward action in the sidebar. In the blog graphics design we using colour scheme, that is easy on eyes.

4. Fundamental Graphics Design Tools Concepts

There are a few general principles to help your design work to the best of its ability in fundamental graphics design tools.

  1. Consistency

Everyone enjoys the familiarity. Familiarity makes feel comfortable and safe and it produces trust and dependability. Producing consistent content and design is important. In the blogs, we try to have things like the headline, main points, body text etc. Use colours, typefaces and size to organize text and make it visually consistent.

  1. Repetition

Repetition is the best way to learn a thing. Similar is the case of the blog, using repetition in the design helps the reader to learn from the content. Repetition enables them to recognize certain visual clues and patterns that help them to read the content in successful.

  1. Alignment

Alignment creates a grid in the layout and keeps thing clean and tidy. Grid breaks up each section of the blog in different parts and makes it structured and easier for the reader to find what they are looking. This keeps the blog consistent as they have the same layout.

  1. Hierarchy

In the content, there will be some things that are more important than others, such as the headline. And the headlines make a connection before entering the blog. Use the design that makes the headline visually appealing by making sure it remains larger than the body text. Select colour that attracts the reader’s attention to the main headlines. In the content area, start with headers, sub-points adjust the sizes and colours accordingly.

  1. Proximity

We make associations with things that are next to each other and separate things that are far away. Blog design makes it easier to draw connections within the content, use white space in the content.

For example, if you have a main point within the blog, then add a graphic to emphasize that point, keep it close. This helps the reader to get the connection between the two combined. Include some white space and the reader can rest. White space helps to break up ideas. The inclusion of white space helps the reader to relax.

  1. Colour

Each person has a favourite colour beyond general opinion. Colour is a great way to visually communicate it to the readers.

  1. Imagery

In the present scenario photos, videos, infographics, charts are popular and provide an option to help an audience understand the topic. Images do a better job than explaining the content than the text.

Here are a few guidelines to use the imagery successfully.

i. Use human faces.

ii. Be creative. Audience requires unique images. In today’s mass-media culture try to have genuine and unique images.

iii. Make sure to have the right proportion between the content and images.

  1. Icons

Icons are a great way to communicate complex ideas fast. Even though the icons are little they represent something greater. Icons help in the conversation and to get your reader on the same page. The icons help to mix up the imagery with some variety.

  1. Typography

Some typefaces are easier to read than others. In blog posts, the ability to read the content is given more importance. Therefore choose a typeface that is easy to read. It is best to find the styles that are bold and italic so that you can stylize different headers. Some typefaces are invisible because they allow readers to focus on the content.

5. To get into Creative Block

Blog Graphics Design Tips to become successful.

  • Change your atmosphere: Find out new colours, new people to surround yourself with gears and think on a different track.
  • Try out another work that is totally different: Thinking for a different project will give you an idea for the previous one. Take a break, relax and come back with a fresh mind.
  • Just move on: If you haven’t found any solutions, keep on reworking on each option until you find a solution.


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