SEO Content Writer in kochiSEO and content writing go hand in hand. In which way we find the best SEO Writer? The SEO writer will embed the keywords in the right places in the content that lets the crawler to crawl and index the web pages and improve the ranking of your site. The content that is relevant to the keyword and search terms of the user will drive more traffic to the site and engage the users to stay on the site for a long time. In a nutshell, SEO writer will craft the content that is user and search engine friendly.

This means that the content written the writer is able to easily identify by the search engine as relevant to a particular keyword term and phrase that is entered by the users in the search box while looking for the information or product similar to yours.

Types Of  SEO Writings : Best Content Writer

There are two types of SEO writings, one is good SEO writing and the other is bad SEO writing. However, both these terms have a gray area. The good piece of content will help the site to rank better in all renowned search engines while the poor and duplicate content will push the ranking of the site.

Difference of the Two type of writings :

It is important for one to understand the difference between good and bad SEO writers prior to hiring them to craft content for the website, blog or e-commerce store. The best writer would create informative and engaging content while the bad writer will create junk or poor quality content that takes a toll on your website reputation. In addition, poor content would reduce site traffic, sales and something would expel your site from appearing on SERP results. You need to think prior to hiring a writer.

Not all search engines like SEO writing. Search engines work with an intention to deliver relevant results to the users for the searched terms in the search box. The content that is poorly written by stuffing keyword and just for search engines will not be displayed on the first page of Google search results. Google will give prime importance to the content that is informative and is relevant to the keyword that is embedded in the content.

Search engines will show the content in the site that is relevant to the keyword, site authority, how people are engaging on the site and many other factors.

Identification of Content Spamming

There are a few search engine algorithms that are designed to identify the content that is just written for boosting the rank of the site on SERP. Few of the unethical ways followed by the SEO writer to rank the site better include, keyword stuffing, hiding the keywords by reducing the font or applying the font color as background of the page, buy incoming links, etc. These all things are considered as spam by Google. The site ranking and traffic would be seriously affected, if your site is caught in any of these unethical practices.

It is crucial for you to work only with the expert SEO consultant and brilliant SEO writer to improve site traffic and sales. Alternatively, you can hire SEO services that take care of optimizing your site and writing the content for your website. Few of the qualities that you need to look in an SEO writer while hiring them and who can deliver high return on investment include

Understand grammar, structure of content, and spelling

There are a few SEO writers who just write the content without following any grammar rules and punctuation which actually affect the user experience. Many businesses pay a low price to the writers and make them write umpteen articles. If the articles are of low quality, then there is no point in paying 5 dollars or less than that. A writer is said to be brilliant, if the person presents the same topic in a unique way and by following grammar rules. The writer knows where to put a period, colon, semi colon and very well know when to use what, that, which and apostrophes in the sentences.

A minor grammatical error in the content will take a toll on its quality, site reputation and brand. People gain trust on the businesses that publish quality and easy to understand content, but not the businesses that post poor and duplicate content.

Knowledge on Working With SEO Expert

SEO expert and SEO writer should work together to ensure that the content presented by the writer is in line with the goals of the site. If the writer and SEO experts work as chalk and cheese, the results would be not as good as when they work together.

Give Priority to People and Followed by Search Engine

Google will not give importance to the content that is just written for search engines. You need to write the content for users and how it can influence them in purchasing a product or taking your service. The keywords should be embedded in the content naturally and it should not look like as if you are forcefully incorporating them in the content.

Understand the Target Audience

Read the point number three carefully. The SEO writer should target the writing for people not for robots. The writer has to invest time in understanding the target audience, what they are looking for and which content can impart knowledge about your product or service. If the writer has developed a piece of content that is not worth reading, then it is also not worth publishing.

Know What to and what Not to Present in SEO Writing

An SEO writer does not necessarily be good at SEO, but should have understanding on do’s and don’ts in SEO writing. For instance, the person should have idea on the keyword placement in the content naturally, like in the title, first paragraph, header tags and in the conclusion part. They should not let the user feel that the keyword is stuffed too many times and the content is too length and is beating around the bush. The writer without basics of SEO cannot writer user and search engine friendly content.

Invest Money

You need to pay high for best SEO content writer who has good understanding on SEO, grammar and audience rather than hiring the writer who produce poor quality content and charges less. Undoubtedly, shoddy content will have a negative impact on your brand. Though, you do not see the negative results quickly, but slowly you would taste the bitterness of your medicine. When the damage is done, it is hard to repair and sometimes it is irrevocable.

Write Clear and Concise Content

A writer who creates quality and clear content does not come for a cheaper price. However, publishing the content that is informative and intriguing will engage the audience on your site for a long time and motivate them to share the content with people in their groups. The attention span of every individual is very little. It is the responsibility of the writer to capture the attention by posting interesting content. If your content does not engage the audience and will not communicate the message to them quickly, then you will lose a chance to interact with the audience.

Write Content That is Worth Reading And Sharing

A brilliant and creative SEO writer will take time to know about the target audience and the website goals. The writer will pick the topics that are easily connected to the audience and that help you reach the website and business goals quickly. SEO is not an overnight process that boosts your site ranking in a single day, but is a long-term process. The content produced by the writer should be posted at the right time instead of messing it.

Use Storytelling To Present The Content

Content used in marketing does not need to be promotional all the time. In fact, should be meaningful and should impart knowledge to the audience about your brand. This content will push the prospective buyer into the sales funnel and create awareness on how your products will solve their daily problems and compels them to buy your product besides becoming your loyal customer. A good SEO writer will tell a story about the brand by tapping the emotional juices of the audience. When a brand gets connected to the customer emotionally, the customer will never leave the brand and in fact promotes about the business to others.

Knowledge On Writing Interesting And Pleasing Headlines best seo writer headline

Headlines will compel the audience to click on an article or blog post. In fact, headlines are the heart of content marketing. This helps you to compel many readers to click just by seeing the title. This helps you get a sea of traffic to the site. A brilliant writer knows how to write clickable headlines and how to embed keywords into the headlines wherever possible without exceeding the character limit of headlines.

When you want the writer to come up with compelling and interesting SEO content, copy writing content or marketing content, you need to reward them in the same way. There are a lot many things to consider while writing content, especially the content that is SEO friendly. Hence, you should not compromise on the quality for money. Undeniably, poor quality content will ruin the site reputation and brand image in the online world.

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