We all know what is SEO and it is the major source of organic traffic to the websites. There are some best SEO plugin for WordPress that help to boost the SEO of your websites. Are you interested to know about such tools? Yeah here we go…..

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

1)    Yoast’s WordPress SEO

It is one of the most favorite plugin of many peoples. It is the best solution for your on-site SEO needs. This plugin allow you to add title, Meta description, and focusing keywords. It can show the snippet preview that is the snippet view of your URL in Google search results.  Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugins will show the character limit indications too. So you can add your title, meta description etc in a proper way. There are a lot of other functions in this plugin. This plugin helps us to create XML sitemaps. This is one of the best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

2)    Open Site Explorer

The open site explorer is developed by Moz. This tool helps us to check the website’s page authority, domain authority, spam score, and many other features. By using this free tool you can check any website and you can see the links to that domain and the anchor text they are using.  We can compare a particular website to different websites.

3)    SEM rush

By using SEM rush tool you can see the traffic to the website. That is how many people are coming to your website, the organic keywords, organic competitors etc.  You can find new apt keywords in this. If you use such kinds of keywords the traffic to your website will increase.

4)    The Keyword Tool

This free tool is one of the best keyword research tools. You will get keyword ideas by just typing a keyword. This information is really useful for you. Because the keywords generated are gathered from Google’s auto-suggest feature. This fast tool can be used by anyone.

5)    The Outreach plus plugin

It is the best email outreach software with many amazing features. Automated responses, email insights like open, links clicks, personalization etc. is just a few of them. This tool is easy to use and makes sure that your email doesn’t end up in spam folder.

6)    The Google Keyword Planner

As the name indicates it is a free tool from Google. If you use this tool you will get ideas about keywords that can use in Google advertisements. You can set bids in this type of keywords. You can find keywords with high search volumes. By using such keywords the traffic to your website will increase. This is another best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

7)    The Broken Link Checker

The broken links affects your website in a very bad way. It will reduce the traffic to your website. If you have doubts about broken links then you should check your website thoroughly and fix the issues. By using broken link checker tool you can easily find the broken links and you can fix the problems.

8)    The No Follow Check Box

When you give hyperlinks to external website, your site’s authority is passing through that link. If you don’t wish that then you can give rel=nofollow option. Click on the linked word and you can see the options. There will be a rel=nofollow checkbox to tick. If you tick on this your site’s authority will not pass.

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