First Level SEO Analysis Offered by SEO Kochi

analysis make the best planHere are detailed description about basic seo services conducted by the team SEO Kochi. Prior to keyword research & on page activities, detailed report will be documented with initial rankings (if any) authority power, traffic rankings & search engine visibility (if any)etc.

Initial Website Review & Analysis

It is true that most of the basic level seo activities will remain unique. Our first step is initial review and analysis of the project. It is just a raw data collection of nature of business, identification of targeted audience, category of business, identification of keywords etc.

Detailed Website Analysis

Once the seo work has started or the initial advance payment is made, website analysis expert will conduct detailed analysis. Domain authority, page authority values of website will be recorded. Google visibility, age of the website etc will be identified. Because Google give more trust to aged websites. As part of detailed website analysis, following activities will be conducted by our seo experts analysts. It is very important to find all SEO defects of website before starting SEO on page optimization services. It is also true that best analysis makes a better SEO campaign success.

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General SEO Website Analysis

Google Visibility

Domain Authority

Page Authority

Traffic Ranking Analysis

URL Structure analysis

Content Duplication

Google punishment / manual action /

Negative Factors analysis  / Spam Score Checking

Google Visibility Analysis

In Google visibility analysis, the existing Google visibility will be analyzed and recorded with the analysis report document. Before starting the seo services, report document will be send to client and discussed all the areas in detail. So the website owner will get aware about the starting status of his website. Number of visible URLs and number of indexed pages will be recorded  with appropriate screen shots.

Domain Authority Checking

Since Google page rank is not currently available with any tools, domain authority is being accepted as the scaling unit equal to Google PR. So it will be analyzed and recorded in the general SEO analysis report. Even before starting SEO activities it is possible to have some domain authority values if the website got any links from other websites or news articles. (possibly if the website is live from many years, or the firm has some other advertisement or marketing methods like press release, media advertisements etc.). If the company is not a new one and already have good satisfied customers, there are possibilities to get natural links and mentions from its customers.

Page Authority Analysis

Page authority of the website is also an important factor in its ranking. If the website have too many pages, its internal links may bring good page authority to its home page and other important pages. After page authority analysis it will also be added in the general seo analysis report.

Traffic Ranking Analysis

Website’s traffic ranking such as global traffic ranking and regional traffic ranking etc (if any will be discovered and included in the general seo analysis report

URL Structure Analysis

URL structure of the website will be analyzed. If the URL is not structured and SEO friendly, its problems and suggestions will be added in analysis report document.

Content Duplication Checking

Plagiarism or having common content with other websites and pages are defects in SEO. Because Google will always try to maintained quality results to its search engine users. So content duplication checking and analysis is very important in SEO. If the website is optimized with duplication contents, Google’s Panda updates can punish the websites. Having duplicate or similar contents with other website can penalize your website from search engines.

Google Punishment Checking

As part of SEO analysis of website, it is very important to check if the website got any penalty from Google. Penalty due to content duplication, low quality back links, exact match domain etc. So punishment details and manual action will be checked and recorded in the analysis report.

Negative Factors Analysis & Spam Score Checking

Negative symptoms such as crawl errors, crawl problems, blocking factors such as flash, framing, nested tables etc will be thoroughly checked and recorded in the analysis report. Crawl errors, crawl problems, spam score etc will negatively affect the SEO ranking of a website. Links from low quality, non relevant websites can increase spam score in a website.


Internal Website Analysis

Page Loading speed

Mobile friendliness

Broken / bad links

Image features

Page speed insight analysis

HTML Coding error / warning / validation errors

Visibility factors / design problems & errors

Off Page Relevancy Factors will be Analyzed

  1. Back link analysis
  2. Social Signals
  3. Competitor Analysis