Have you heard about Google Play Store optimization techniques? In this post, we will learn play store optimization to increase visibility and volume of downloads from the store.

Why Google Play Store Optimization?

google play store optimization
App store Optimization includes optimization of a mobile app to get maximum visibility and highest conversion rate. This optimization is not only about gaining traffic but also about conversion.

Master Plan for App Store Optimization

Let us have a glance at the app store optimization strategies.

app store optimization

Keyword and Market Research
Before implementing app store optimization strategy and publishing the app you need to make the analysis. The best strategy in the starting is to try for long tail keywords. Even though it has less traffic than a head or mid keywords, it has much better chances to show up in the results. Check out for the keywords your competitors are using and also read the reviews of competitors app.

Google Play Store Optimization
While implementing app store optimization strategy app’s on-metadata and off-metadata also takes place. On-metadata factors include title, developer name, description, icons, screenshots, feature graphic. And of metadata includes installs volume, ratings, user reviews.app store optimization

Keep Tracking

Optimization process of the app store never stops since the market is changing they always need to be updated about the market situation. Keep track of keyword rankings, the volume of installs, top charts rankings, ratings, and reviews.

Perfect Google Play Store Listing Tips

URL Optimization

Keywords in URL has an impact on search rankings. So include the relevant keyword in URL. Developer name: Developer name helps in ranking. So include developer name with relevant keyword.

Title Optimization

The title plays a crucial role in on-metadata factor. A title can include 50 characters in the App. Include brand name, keywords. Don’t forget to localize the app.

Short Description

You can add 80 characters for the description. A well-composed short description is the highlight and tries to include the focusing keyword on it. The description is an On-metadata factor that leads to search and conversion. The maximum length for the description in play store is 4000 characters. Include the focusing keywords in the description to improve rankings. Use bullets to specify the information in a clear way, also describe features of the app.


Icon has a visual impact on the users. Include a striking, an attractive icon for the app’s appearance, since it affects the conversion rate.


It doesn’t affect the search algorithm, but they have an impact on the conversion rate. Don’t give bare screenshots, provide explanations.

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