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To rank your website in Google, SEO is crucial, Hence the importance of Google extensions for SEO cannot be overstated. The correct extension can assist you in automating research and analysis, resulting in a more successful SEO approach.

Let’s discuss some of the top google extensions for SEO.


Whenever you examine any page or SERP, MozBar provides you with immediate metrics. It analyzes any site or page’s Page Authority and Domain Authority in a flash. You can access link metrics while viewing any SERP and compare them amongst sites. Link metrics is a general term denoting the parameters used to rank search results.


 An important Google extension for SEO that performs an on-page SEO audit and measures the performance of a domain and a page. It examines the links, both internal and external. It compares the keyword difficulty of a given page you are investigating with domains and URLs.

Keywords Everywhere

A Chrome add-on that helps with keyword research is called Keywords Everywhere. You can view data on monthly search traffic, CPC, competition, and 12-month trends. It also offers data on traffic, links, and backlinks.

Google Trends

It measures the SEO effectiveness of your website. It contains daily estimated data. A graph displays the results. You can use trends to determine how popular niche-related subjects are. The tool is used to determine the most important topics or subtopics within a sector or broad theme. It helps to find out about regional trends in geographic searches.

PageSpeeds Insights

It offers information on the web development pace of desktop and mobile sites and offers advice on how to speed up web pages. It examines the achievement and content of your website to suggest specific changes. useful for troubleshooting performance problems.


A technology called SimilarWeb calculates the overall volume of traffic that various websites receive. It enables you to view the top six categories—including referring websites, social media traffic, and top search terms—of your competitors’ traffic.

Redirect Path

It identifies problems and redirects, displays more HTTP headers, and displays the server IP address upon request. It helps examine a URL’s specific redirect path. Additionally, it offers all the information about domain redirection. 


The extension is used for competitive analysis for ranking, keywords, and links. It obtains information about page and domain metrics under each URL on the SERP. 


WooRank is a digital marketing and Google extension  seo tool that is incredibly quick and simple to use. It analyses the website from Google’s point of view and produces an immediate audit of its technical, on-page, and off-page SEO

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