Best Ways to Get More Visitors to Blog PostsBest Ways to Get More Visitors to Blog Posts

This post is about the best ways to get more visitors to blog posts.

How can I increase my blog Traffic

How can I increase my blog TrafficWords have the ability to grab the attention and motivate them to take a desired action. You need to craft each word carefully. Whatever you are conveying to the audience should imprint in their minds strongly.

After publishing a blog post, an author expects to get a tweet, comment, like or a share. In case, if your content is not liked by the audience, do not get disheartened.  Try to produce some interesting stuff to keep them engaged and compel them to share the post with their friends on social media.

The role of a writer is to produce intriguing and engaging content. Undoubtedly, you do not need to spend ages together to craft an elegant prose or to improve your writing skills.

To pull the eye of the audience and make them to read the article is simple. All you need to do is to write less and format your content in an appealing way that will entice the users to read the article besides improving the retention and engagement rate.

Keen searchers

As per the study conducted by Jakob Nielsen’s seminal in 1997, it was found that around 97% of internet users just scan the content rather than reading it.

Basically, users search for the content that they are looking for in the web. In case, if they do not find the content in their visiting web pages, then they abandon from the pages. The web is a medium that lets you to lean forward and participate whereas traditional advertising medium like television is lean back and take the content.

traditional advertising

You always need to think of how to engage the audience and how to glue them onto your web pages and interact with them with your content.

To write something interesting and publish in your blogs, you need to forget a few thumb rules that you have learned in your school days in the English composition classes.

Many of the web users will scan the content rather than each and every point written in the blog. You need to assimilate this fact and start resilient.

If you want to discuss about a complicated topic, you need to break the content into nuggets and publish each nugget in every blog post. This increases the curiosity in the website visitors and motivates them visit your blogs regularly to learn more about the topic you are discussing.

More importantly, conveying the content in chucks is easy to assimilate for the visitors rather than giving loads of information in one go.

You need to write the blog post in a structured manner and in a pyramid style where you first need to discuss briefly about the blog topic and then give a few supporting statistics and then discuss about the topic in-depth. This helps the reader to navigate easily and let them to focus on the point that they would like to read in detail.

You need to use easy design techniques to make the content in the blog post reader-friendly.
Unarguably, it is a matter of a few minutes for the professional writer to turn a crap content into something useful for the readers.

Keep the Content Short and Crisp

There are umpteen ways to make the content engaging and interesting for the readers. You can make the complex content user-friendly by breaking the content into small chunks.

Do not write huge content which makes the user tedious to read the content just by looking the article length. Try to keep the paragraphs short.

Use sub-headings in the blog post

You need to give an attractive and inquisitive headline which will pull the eye of the audience to know about the topic. After giving a headline, you need to give interesting sub-headings.

Undoubtedly, the intriguing headline will let the readers decide whether or not to read the whole article. The engaging sub-headings will drive the readers to go through the entire article.

Ensure to include interesting sub-headings. Try to put your thoughts in a simple way rather than inflating and boring the audience.

Use bullet points

Bullet points give quick titbits of information. These are an easy way to present the information. These stand as the highlight points in the article from the paragraph content. This is visually appealing for the readers to go through.

Use interesting captions

A plethora of studies has proven that image captions are often read by the readers without giving a miss. You need to use apt images in the article and try to use a perfect caption.

Ensure to give two to three lines of caption for the images. These captions will motivate the readers to go through the entire article.

Add appropriate and helpful links

You need to add links within your web pages to let the readers to navigate to different pages on your website in search of information.

External links are the links of other interesting sites included in the blog articles. This helps the user to get informative content about the topic you have written.

Emphasize the content strategically

You need to highlight the crucial sentences in the content to let the audience identify the important concepts with ease. This helps the readers to scan and read the important information without missing it.

Do not highlight all the points in the article instead highlight the points that are very useful for the users and that allow the readers to have a glance over it.

Use numbered list

Numbering will grab the attention of the readers to go through the points that are oriented in a crisp manner. There are many popular blogs that use numbered list in their articles. This makes your blog post inviting to the readers. Undeniably, you can make the post intriguing and compelling for the readers just by adding numbered list.

Use right content formats to convert scanners into avid readers.

You need to use sub-headings, numbering list, bullet points and format the content properly and go through the blog article before publishing to make sure that the user can understand the essence of the post. Undeniably, after reading the post, you can understand whether or not the post would turn the scanner into readers.

If you have any other interesting techniques to make the blog post compelling, please leave your comments on it.




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