Name the founder of Tughlaq Dynasty

Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

Original name of Ghiyasudhin Tughlaq was an important ruler of Tughlaq Dynasty

He shifted his capital from Delhi to Devagiri and renamed it as Daulatabad and then brought it back to Delhi again.

He is also known as the wisest fool

Ibn Bathuta Called him an ill starred idealist

He introduced token currency of bronze and copper

Ibn Batuta, an African traveller, visited India during the region of Mohammed bin Tughlaq.

Firuz-sha- Tughlaq was another ruler of this dynasty who introduced Jeziya a tax on non muslims.

He also constructed larges number of canals

The Qutab Minar honours the famous Saint Khawaja Quitab- Ud- Din Bakhtiyar Kaki

Music was banned by Sulthan Giyas Ud-in- Tughlaq.

The Jeziya was abolished by Akbar in 1564.

But later it was re-imposed by Aurangazeb.

Timur, the Turkish army chief, attached India in the year 1398.

Timur invasion led to the destruction of the Thughlaq Dynasty.

The capital of Tughlaq Dynasty was Delhi

The last ruler of Tughlaq Dynasty was Sulthan Muhammad Thuglaq.

The Lodhi dynasty was the first Afghan or Pathan Dynasty.

The Sayyd Dynasty was founded by Khizar Khan.

The Lodhi Dynasty was founded by Bahlol Lodhi.

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