Plants are the primary producers in nature
Flora is the plants of a particular region.
Fauna is the animals of a particular region.
Flora and Fauna together constitutes plants and animals of a region.

The part of the earth and its atmosphere that is capable of supporting living things is the biosphere.

Nitrogen fixation means conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into useful compounds like nitrates with the help of bacteria and fungi.

The biological nitrogen fixation is done by nitrogen fixing bacteris such as Rhizobium, Nos-toc and Azetobactor.

Plants absorbs the elements nitrogen in the form of nitrates.

The red coloration of Red sea is due to a blue algae.

Cyanobacteria is a blue green algae.

The profuse amount of pollen grains liberated by pine forests at the time of pollination during the months of March –April is reffered as ‘Suphur shower’

Araucaria embricate, a gymnosperm plant is commonly know as “Monkey’s Puzzle.’

Opium obtained from immature fruits of popo plant

Litmas is obtained from a lichen

Q:From which part of the plant is turmeric obtained

Ans: Stem

Cloves are dried flower buds of plan ‘syzgiym agromaticum’

Q: Clove is obtained from


Potato is a tuber crop

Vanilla, a flavouring material is extracted from the fruit of an orchid ‘Vanilla plantfolia’

Rubber is obtained from the latex of ‘Hevea brasiliensis’

The milky juice that oozes from some trees like rubber is know as latex.

Sugarcane is a type of grass

Q: The fruit sugar is called as
Ans: Fructos

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