We have reference to the Cholas, Cheras and Pandya in the inscriptions of Asoka and Kharavela, and the Indica of Megasthanese. The Sangam was a college or assembly of Tamil Poets held uncer royal patronage.

In the Sangam Age, the most common form of government was hereditary monarchy. The village was the fundamental unit of administration.

Tradition refers to three number of Sangam lasting for 9,900 years.

The language or Sangam Literature was Tamil.

The people of Sangam Age mainly worshipted Murugan.

Tholkappiyam is a book on Tamil Grammar

The third Tamil epic is Jivakachintamani written by Tiruttakkathevar

The capital of the Pandyas was Madhurai

Uraiyur was the capital of Cholas, knosan for cotton trade.

Vanji was the capotal of Cheras

The word Sangam means a College of Assembly.

The three sangams were held at Teen- Madhurai, Kapatpuram and Madurai.

Korkai was the main seaport of the Pandyas

Carp was the royal emblem of Pandyas.

Megasthenes described Pandya Kingdom as Pearl as it was ruled by women.

Kaveripatnam was the main Port of Cholas.

Tolkappiyam, the early Tamil grammar text, written by Tolkappiyar, the disciple of Agastya, deals with Tamil grammar of Aham (love) and Puram (war).

Tirukkural, the Bible of Tamil was compiled by


Rudrasarman compiled Agananuru, which cosists of 400 love poems.

Ilango Adigal wrote Silappadigaram, which is an epic of the period. In this book the lover story of Kovalan and Madhavi, a dancer has been depicted.

Sattanar wrote Manimekhalai, which is also an epic and tells about the story of the daughter of Kovalan and Madhavi.

The greatest rurer of Chera Kingdom was Senguttuvan Cheran, also known as Red Chera

The famous Chera Port, Muziris was a great centre of Indo Roman trade.

The most reputed Pandiyan King was Nedunjhezhian.

the largest single tax collected during the Sangam period was the land tax called Karai.

The founder of later Chola Kingdom was Rajaraja

The most important ruler of this dynasty was Rajendra Chola.

Tiger was the royal emblem of Cholas.

Rajendra Cholas also known as Gangaikonda Chola. He later named his capital Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Raja Raja I built Brihadewara Templs at Tanjore.

Cholas were well known for their naval supermacy and efficient village administration.

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