1. The war leads to the establishment of Mughal Emperor

Ans: First Panipat War

2. Who introduced Rupees system in India

Ans: Shersha

3. Who is the first women chief minister in India

Ans: Sheela Deekshit

4. The last formed District in Kerala

Ans: Kasargod

5. Which news paper introduced its internet edition in Malayalam

Ans: Deepika

6. Which planet is known as Evening star?
Ans: Venus

7.Highly containing element in Earth?

Ans: Oxigen

8. The purification of blood in our body is done by?

Ans: Kidneys

9. The city Belgrade situated in the shore which river?

Ans: Danube

10. When did Kalpana Chawla participated in her first Space journey ?

Ans: 1997

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