1. The Old name of the City Ahammedabad

Ans: Karnnavathi

2. Veluthambi Dalava Died at the place?

Ans: Kundara

3. Which is the biggest Corporation in Kerala

Ans: Cochin

4. The Trivandrum museum was built by?

Ans: Lord Napier

5. Kumarakam bird sanctuary is in which district?

Ans: Kottayam

6. World Environment Day is observed on?

Ans: June 5

7. Which is the first Arch dam in India?

Ans: Idukki

8. First Indian who won the Booker Prize

Ans: Arundhati Roy  <img src=”http://www.globalautonomy.ca/global1/glofigures/GL_PR_ArundhatiRoy_Fig1.jpg”/>

9. Who got the first state award for best Actor?

Ans: Satyan

10. Which district is known as migrate district

Ans: Idukki

11. Which Malayalam Cinema got the President’s Gold medal first time?

Ans: Neelakkuyil

12. Which is the longest river in the world?

Ans: Nile

13. Who is the woman Justice of Kerala High Court?

Justice Anna Chandi

14. Which religious people’s prayer palace is known as ” Paliyathana”

Ans: Jaina

15. Which is the first Port in India

Ans: Lothal– Gujarat


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