1. Which is the smallest district of Kerala
Ans – Alappuzha
2. Who started ottam thullal
Ans- Kunjan Nambiar
3. The filament of bulb is made with
Ans- Tungston
4. The disease caused to the deficiency of Ayodine
Ans – Goiter
5. Which is the Indian state with high coal deposit
Ans – Bihar
6. The Birth place of Shri Sankara Acharya
Ans – Kaladi
7. Which is birth date of Mahatma Gandhi
Ans – October 2
8.Whish is longest river in the world
Ans – Nile
9. Which is the longest railway platform in India
Ans – Khorakpur
10. Who build Fathepur Sikri
Ans – Akber

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