PSC Question & Answers – Kerala Beat Forest Officer Exam Held on 7.4.2018

The book Manninu Vendi was written by

Answer: A K Gopalan

Who is known as Martin Luther of India

Answer: swami dayanand saraswati

Which was the opponent team of India in their 500th test cricket match

Answer: New Zealand

Name the Japanese writer who gets Nobel Prize for literature

Answer: Kazuo Ishiguro

Name the programme introduced by Government of Kerala for differentially abled persons for rehabilitation in 2017

Answer: Kaivalya

Which Atomic Power Station in India is built completely ingeniously

Answer: Kalpakkam

Which is known as first political drama of Malayalam

Answer: pattabakki

Which article of Indian Constitution provides right against exploitation

Answer: Article 23 & 24

Name the Indian State formed on 1st December 1963

Answer: Nagaland

Who is the winner of Harivarasanam puraskaram in 2017

Answer: Gangai Amaran

Name the movement founded by Ayyathan Gopalan

Answer: Suguna Vardhini

Palaruvi Express Travels between

Answer: Punalur to Palaghat

Name the social reformer Who lead The Thali Road Samaram

Answer: C Krishnan

International Day of nonviolence is observed on
Answer: 2 October

Name the film which gets Suvarna chakoram for the best film in IFFK 2017

Answer: I Still Hide to Smoke

Which is the day on which Right to Information act came into force on

Answer: 12 October 2005

Which leader is known as Prince of Patriots

Answer: subhash chandra bose

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