1. Which is the first hydro electric project of Kerala

Ans: Pallivasal

2. The year of Arivippuram prathishta?

Ans: 1888

3. Number of Rajyasabha seats in Kerala

Ans: 9

4. Which is the official tree of Kerala

Ans: Coconut tree

5. Who got the first Vayalar Award
Ans: Lalithambika Antharjanam

6. Number of Legislative Assemblies in Kerala

Ans: 140

7. Which state formed according to the language division in India
Ans: Andhra Pradesh

8. Who is the first Keralite who reached at the top of Mount Everest?
Ans: C. Balakrishnan

9. The state known as Land of back waters

Ans: Kerala

10. The number of rivers in Kerala 
Ans: 44

These type of questions should be collected and prepared for them. PSC Last Grade Exam Questions includes generally these type questions.

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