The last king according to most of historians was Brihadratha who was assasinated by scnapati Pushyamitra and the founded a new dynasty known as Sunga Dynasty.


Founded by Vasudeva, the Kanva Dynasty survived till 28 BC. after succeeding the sungas, four mail rulers – Vasideva, Bhimimitra, Narayana and susuman.


The satavahana dynasty was founded by Simukha

The most important ruler of the Satavahan Dynasty was Gautamiputra Satakarni

The two common structures of Satavahana were the temple called Chaitya and the monastery called Vihara

Satavahans mostly issued lead coins

The official language of the satavahanas was Prakrit


Peshwar (Purushapura) was the capital of Kanishka of Kushana Dynasty

Who were the firest Indian rulers to issue gold coins?


The most famous ruler of Kushana Dynasty was


The Kushan clan hailed from the tribe called?


Kanishka began Saka eara in 78 AD. The first month of the Saka era is Chaithra and the last month is Phalgula

The famous Indian Physician, Charaka, Buddist lawyer, Nagarjuna and Buddhist mont Ashwaghosha w, live in the court of Kanishka

Ashwaghosa wrote Buddhacharita and Sariputra Prakarana

Kanishka patronised Gandhara School of art and Mahayana from the Buddhism. He also held the fourth Buddist Coucil in Kashmir.

Kanishka is rightly called the second Ashoka

Kanishka was the first king who inscribed the image of Lord Buddha on his coins.

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