1. Who founded Amnesty International: 
Ans: Petter Bennison
2. Who established Adwaida philosophy 
Sakara Aacharya
3. Who designed the famous Sabarmathi Ashrama
Ans: C M Corriya
4. When did the Arabs invaded  Sind 
Ans: AD 712
5. In which year Gandhiji entered into the Indian Independence fight 
Ans: 1914
6. Which is the largest river in the world ?
Ans: Amazon
7. Where did the first Christina church was constructed in India?
Ans:  Kodungalloorr (Kerala)
8. Which animal was worshiped by the people of ancient Egypt
Ans: Cat
9. Which date is observed as National Energy conservation day?
Ans: December 14
10. What is the full form of LCD
Ans: Liquid Crystal Display.
The above given questions are the model questions for PSC Lower Division Clerk (LDC) Exams. The candidates can find similar questions and following and by finding more descriptive answers about the questions. So that the knowledge about that question and answer will remain in your memory for long time. More questions for PSC training will be added soon in this blog for all type of PSC exams.

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