1. The First Communication Satellite of India ?

Ans: Apple

2. The world Human Rights Day?

Ans: December 10

3. Who directed the film Nizhalkoothu?

Ans: Adoor

4. Which color has the lowest wave length?

Ans: Violet

5. Which day has the longest night in North Pole?

Ans: December 22

6. Which acid is present in Tea?

Ans: Tanic Acid

7. The branch of study deals with fruits ?

Ans: Pomology

8. Gandhi – Irvin pact held in the year?

Ans: 1931

9. Where did the open jail in Kerala situated?
Ans: Kattakkada (Trivandrum )

10. Pazhssi Raja was killed in the year?

Ans: 1805

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