World largest bird – Ostrich
World largest sea bird – Albatross
Largest Island – Green land

Largest island group – Indonesia
Largest desert – Sahara
Largest mountain range – Antis
Largest National Park – Wood buffalo National Park, Canada
Larges bay – Tartar bay
Largest sea – South China Sea
Largest delta – Sundarbans
Largest continent – Asia
Largest ocean – Pacific ocean
Largest river – Amazon
Largest river island – Majully
Largest animal – blue whale
Largest animal in earth – African Elephant
Highest waterfall – Venuzwela
Highest continent – Antarctica
Longest mountain range – Antis
Longest river in the world – Nile
Largest fresh water lake – lake superior
Smallest continent – Australia
Smallest ocean – Artic ocean
Smallest bird – Humming bird
Highest animal – Giraffe
Largest tree – red wood
Oldest plant – Rose
Fastest bird – swift
Largest city – Tokyo
Largest church – St. Peters Basilica
Largest mosque – Juma Masjid
Largest diamond – cullinan
Longest Road – The Pan American High way
Longest Railway bridge – Lower Sambacy

Largest dam – Grand bee
Largest palace – Vatican palace
Largest Museum – American Museum of Natural History
Largest Air port – King Khalid Air Port, Saudi Arabia
Largest Rail way station – Grand central terminal, New York
Largest Temple – Ankorwat, Cambodia
Largest wall – The great wall of china
Largest cave – Mamoth cave

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