The First Tirthankara was Rishabhadeve

The Last Tirthankara was Mahavira

The 23rd Tirthankara was Parsvanatha

24th Thirthankara was Vardhamana Mahavira

Mahavira, the founder of Janism was born in 540 BC, at Kundalagramam, Vaishali (Bihar0

He attained full Enlightment (Kaivalya) at Jrimbhigrama

Mahavira taught the Three jewels of Jainism (Triratna) – Right faith, Right Knoledge and Right Conduct.

The term Jaina means the conqured

Mahavira attained Nirvana at Pavapuri in 468 BC at the age of 72

The Jains repudiate the authority or infallibility of the Vedas. The Jains reject the concept of a Universal Soul or a Supreme Power as the creator and sustainer of the Universe.

Kind Kharavale patronised Jainism. Jainist does not condemn the Varna System. Mahavira believed that all individuals irresponsible of caste can strive for liberation through good deeds and living.

Jumali was a discription of Mahavira

The First Jain council was held at


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