Head Quarters of United Nations

New York

United Nations is the largest international organization
In 1945 June 50 nations signed in the United Nations

UN day is observed on October 24 of every year
The term United Nations was first used by Shri. Franklin D Rooswelt, former American President

The official languages of United Nations includes English, Arebic, Chinees, French, Russian & Spanish,

United Nations Security council includes five permanent members & 10 non permanent members selected for 2 years.

The permanent members includes China, France, Russia, Britan, USA.

The Head quarters of International Court of Justice is at Hague of Netherlands

The period of Secretary General to United National is 5 years

The emblem of United Nations includes world map protected by 2 olive leaf branches

The number if Judges of International court of justice is 15. And their period is 9 years.

United Nations University is situated at Tokyo

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