1. Specialization in designing maps
2. The study of earth’s crust to learn more about its structure history and composition.
3. The study of earth’s surface, the origin and distribution of land forms and the changes that occur on them.
4. The study of the physical and chemical characteristics above and below the earth’s surface.
5. The study of earth’s atmosphere and the variations in atmospheric conditions that product weather
6. The study of ocean and the land beneath it

Branches of Geography

Cartography: Deals with the production and study of maps and charts
Climatology: Study of climatic features such temperature, precipitation and humidity
Chorology: Study of geographical areas, plants and animal distribution
Demography: Describes the structure of human population and their dynamic aspects.
Lithology: Deals with the characteristics f rocks
Geomorphology: Study of land forms, their distribution and origin and the forces that change them
Hydrology: Study of water on earth, oceans, river, glaciers etc.
Oceanography: Studies the ocean current waves and tides.
Geology: Study of the chemical composition of earth’s crust.
Potamology: Study of rivers.
Pedology: Science of nature, properties, formation, distribution and function of soils and their
response to use, management and manipulation.
Paleontology: study of fossils.
Orology: Study of mountains
Petrology: Study of the origin, composition and structure of rocks.

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