1) Name of the insect which carries the parasite that causes sleeping sickness.

Ans: Tsetse Fly

2) What is the name given to the resin produced by lack insect?

Ans: Shellac

3) What are the larvae of house flies called

Ans: Maggots

4) Which animal forms connecting link between Anneelid and Arthropoda

Ans: Peripatus

5) What are the larvae of butterflies called

Ans: Caterpillar

6) What do you call a segment of tape worm

Ans: Proglottids

7) What is the function of flame cells

Ans: Excertion

8) In Zoology, what kind of animals are called Apivorous ?

Ans : Bee eating animals

9) What is the name of the larva of squilla

Ans: Alima

10) What is the host of Taenia Saginata

Ans: Cow and Buffalo

11) What is the common name of Dentalium

Ans: Tusk Shell

12) Name the anticoagulant present in leech

Ans: Hirudin

13) Name an animal that contains chlorophyll

Ans: Euglena

14) What is the name of the insect which is commonly found in our houses behind pictures on walls and amidst book causing damage to them

Ans: Ctenolepisma species

15) Which animal is commonly called as Devil fish

Ans: Octopus

16) What is biological name of praying mantis

Ans: Mantis religiosa

17) What is the common name of sepia

Ans: Cuttle Fish

18) Which sea animal is considered as a link between the vertebrates and invertebrates ?

Ans: Ambhioxus

19) Flying fish are fnish, but flying foxes are not foxes. What kind of creatures are they ?

Ans: Bats

20) Which order of mammels reproduce eggs but suckle their young?

Ans: Monotremes

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