1. Sardar Sarovar Dam built in which river

Ans: Narmada

2. Where is the ocean of silence
Ans: Moon
Moon is the fifth satellite in solar system on size and it is the one and only  natural satellite of earth.

3. Where is Olympic museum situated
Ans: Lousen

4. Who wrote Magdalana Mariyam
Ans: Vallathol Narayana Menon

5. What is the normal temperature of human being
Ans: 98.4 F (37 C)

6. By which space project man landed in moon for first time
Ans- Apollo 11

7.Where is the permanent head quarters of world economic forum
Ans- Davos

8. Which metal is commonly known as metal of the future
Ans- Titanium

9. Who is the first chairman of financial commission of India
Ans- K C Niyogi

10. Nicki is related to stock exchange of which city
Ans – Tokyo (Japan)

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