1. Who is the youngest padma Sree award winner of India ? 
Sania Mirza.

 2. First lady IPS officer of India ?
Kiran Bedi

3. First Indian to swim across English Channel ?
Mahir Sen

4. Who is the first Indian lady who got pilot licence ?
Prem Madhur.

5. Father of Malayalam film ?
J.C Daniel.

6. First Indian to got a booker prize award ?
Arundhathi Rai.

7. Who is leader of Narmada Bachavo Antholan.?
Medha Padkar

8 . The orange city of India ?

9. Who is the founder of Arya Samaj ?
Swami Dayananda Saraswathy.

10. First Lady Governor of India ? Sarojini Naidu.

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