Part III of the Constitution deals with Fundamental Rights

Fundamental Rights are Justifiable

The Fundamental Rights are protected by the Supreme Court & the High Courts as the Guardians of the Constitution

The main objective of the inclusion of Fundamental Rights in the Constitution is to establish a Government of law and not of man.

The Original Constitution classifed the Fundamental Rights into seven categories . But now there are only six categories.

The are

1) Right to Equality (Article 14 -18)

2) Right to Freemon (19-22)

3) Right against Exploitation (23-24)

4) Right to Freedom of Religion (25 – 28)

5) Cultural and Educational Rights (29-30)

6) Right to Constitutional Remedies (31- 35)

The Right to property, one of the Fundamental Rights was taken away and it is only a legal right by the 44th Amendment (1978)

Fundamental Rights can be suspended during an emergency by the Parliament.

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