Gautama Buddha, the founder of Budhism was born at


Buddh’s mother Mahamaya died 7 days after his birth. He was brought up by his aunt named Mahaprajapathi Goutami

The first Buddhist nun was


Buddha attained Enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in Bihar

Buddha delieved his first sermon at Deer Park in Saranath (UP)

Buddha attained Parinirvana (death) at Kusinagar in UP

Buddha was born in 563 BC and belings to Sakya Kshartiya Clan hence known as Sakya Muni

Edwin Arnold called Buddhya as Light of Asia

The central theme of Buddhism is Ashtaga Marga of Eight-fold path

Buddhism done not recognize the existence of God and Soul (Atma)

Buddhism used Pali language which was the language of common people.

The third Buddhist Council was held at


The first Buddhist Council was held at Rajagraha during the period of king Ajathasatru. At this council Vinaya Pitaka ans suttina pitaka were recited by the then hight pries, Upali.

The second budhist coucil was held at Vaisali during the time of king Kalasoka

The third Buddhist Council was held at pataliputhra at the time of Asoka and was presided over by Mogaliputta Tissa.

At the third Buddhist council, Abhi-dhamma Pitaka was accepted as the sacred and authentic tex of Book of Buddhists.

The fourth Buddhist Council was held at Kashmir during the time of King Kanishka. The council was presided over by Vasumittra.

At the Fourth Buddhist council, Buddhism split into two – Mahayana & Hinayana Buddhism.

Mahayana Buddhism or Greaer Vehicle flourished in India and Hinayana Buddhism or Lesser Vehicle flourished in Ceylon (Srilanka)

The term Mahabhinishkarmana means Great renunciation or Great going forth of Buddha to the forest.

Bothi tree at Bodh Gaya was cut down by Shashanka of Gouda.

The Three Jewels of Buddhism : Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha.

500 stories are included in the Jatakas.

The place of worship of Buddhists is Pagoda.

The Holy book of Buddists is Tripitiak.

The Buddhist order of monks is called Sangha

The Buddhist monastries are called Viharas.

The old name of Orissa was Kalinga, Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, is known as the Temple City of India or account of its numerous templs.

Puri, Famous for the Jaganath Temple is in Orissa.

Kanark, famous for the Sun God Temple is also in Orissa.

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