Biochemistry is the study of the substances and chemical process which occur in living organizations

Histochemistry is the science that provides information about the distribution and activities of chemical components in tissues

Organic Chemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with the study of carbon compounds

Inorganic Chemistry deals with the study of compounds other than carbon compounds

Polymer Chemistry deals with chain like molecules formed by linking smaller molecules and with plastics which consists of chain link molecules ofter combined with other materials.

Synthetic Chemistry involves combining chemical elements and compounds to duplicate naturally occuring substances or to peoduce compounds that do not occur naturally.

Radio chemistry involves the identification and production of radio active elements and their use in the study of chemical processes

Physical Chemistry interprets chemical peocess in terms of pysical properties of matter such as mass motion, heat, electricity and radiation.

Radiation chemistry concernes the chemical effects of high energy radiation on substances.

Stereo Chemistry studies the arrangement of atoms in molecutes and the properties that follow from such arrangements.

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