The first invasion of Sind was in

712 AD

The invasion of Arabs was made by

Muhammed bin Kasim

The first invasion of Muhammad Gazni was in the year 1001 AD

Muhammed Gazni led 17 expeditions to India

In 1025 AD he attached and destroyed the Somanath Temple in Gujrat

The famous Persian poet Firdausi who wrote Shahnama live in the court of Muhammed Gazni.

The first invasion of Mohammed Gori to India was in the year 1175

The firest place which was captured by Mohammed Ghori in India was Mltan (now in Pakistan0

Mohammed Ghori is considered as the founder of Muslim rule in India

He founded the firest Muslim Dynasty in India

Chand Bardai, the court poet of Prithv Raj wrote Prithivraj Raso.

The first Battle of Tarain was fought in the year 1191 AD between the forces of Prithivraj Chauhan and Muhammed Ghori in which Ghori was defeated

The second battle of Tarain was fought in the year 1192 AD between Prithivraj Chauhan and Mohammed Gori in which Prithivraj Chauhan was defeated.

The second Battle of Tarain inspired Muhammed Gori to establish Muslim rule in India

Qutub-Ud-Din Aubak was faithful slave of Muhammed Gori. He founded first Muslim Dynasty in India

Aibak belongs to Ilbari tribe

Aibak was also the cammander in chief of Muhammed Gori

After the death of Muhammed Gori in 1206, Aibal became king and founded the slave dynasty in India

Aikbak is popularly known as Lakh Baksh (giver of lakhs).

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