To have it come for tuberculosis can see in this world it is very important that one of those enough money and wealth. Up to that of a text and it can make us feel that lacks that as well as satisfied. In addition to that, money has also become one of the important factors that determine social status. People respect to the person who is wealthy and powerful, while nobody pays attention to a beggar. It is generally said that a making that is not as difficult as maintaining it all through the life. Though both of the wise and the foolish can be rich., only the former spends and invests it wisely. He invests the money in profitable ventures that will bring him more money. A wise man not only gets wealthy but also stays wealthy. On the contrary a foolish man may get wealthy, some how or other, but spend it extravagantly without investing it in anything profitable. In short, money won’t stay with the fool for a long duration because wrong planning and investment will deprive him of all the wealth.

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