A human being is neither an animal not as an angel, but a creature that holds a place between them is an immense that the four to the properly and to differentiate between good and bad. But, being a national endowment man holds a higher place because he can make use of his reasoning, to decide how certain things are to be done. On the other hand, many is not a perfect as an angel. The becoming mistakes and not one is absolutely perfect. However, using of these are the ten fewer correct the mistakes and get closer to the perfection seen in the angels. In other words When the animal natural and man makes him or her to do something wrong, the angelic quality comes forth for rescue. There would be nice to affect the mistakes for conference before it is something of a fish human nature. Affecting a mistake is never a sign of weakness, but that of power. If these don’t care to admit a fault, Italy means that if we’re not prepared or not willing to correct it. Moreover, it does great deal in providing us peace of mind and happiness.

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