As for the teaching of Loard Budha, the city’s the major cause of sufferings. The principal seems to be Impractical and important in today’s world of corporate competitions. It is true that a successful person should have some kind of decent in life. Otherwise, life will more like an aimless boat that will end up nowhere. In spite of all these facts, that is something important here. Is the date of contemporary and the satisfaction will stand up One minute court stated in times of disgust. The human have a tough engaging in limit less pursuit of pressure can never be justified because in the will do one more harm than good. One should have the desire to have more money, so that he or she would involve the standards of life. But, then making money becomes the only purpose and on his happiness As soon as these of mind is based just on money, desire does become a problem. So, contentment is being happy with what one has, even when one continues to struggle to reach higher peaks.

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