Fire has a particular attraction that fascinates that children who are ignorant of the dangers hidden in it. Unlike a mature person who is very careful handling it, children enjoy playing with it. But the enjoyment of last weekend he has the experience of the burning sensation caused by fire. One cities this begins to the child releases the danger enrolled in playing with fire and dreads it. In the real life also she have to face such bonds caused by the majors persons and the circumstances. Usually the kind of mistakes of setbacks.:: committing the same mistake, and it ain’t but a wasteland of the strike his best not to repeat the mistake further. In fact, the greatness of man lies not what you are the stakes, but in north of the fifteenth of in other words, your life insurance, the land from our mistakes, the memory of of this case would make us extra careful in future. The proverb also vital importance of the fact that the on it to the end of expedience is more value than mere bookish knowledge. What one should not try to land a way to thing from his own expedience, but have the wisdom to extract it from the experiences of other people.

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